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British Embassy honours Konex prize-winners

The British Embassy paid tribute Thursday to several prizewinners from the Konex 2018 Awards, which this year recognised 100 figures for their contributions to Argentine institutions, the community and companies.

Today 10:41 AM
Ambassador Mark Kent hosted some of the honourees.
Ambassador Mark Kent hosted some of the honourees. Foto:Cedoc

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Ambassador Mark Kent hosted some of the honourees from the “Diplomats” category for a cocktail party at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Recoleta: namely Renato Carlos Sersale di Cerisano, the Argentine ambassador in London; Eduardo Mallea, the president of the Professional Association of the Foreign Service (APSEN); Rogelio Pfirter, Argentina’s ambassador to the Holy See; Ricardo Lagorio, Ambassador to the Russian Federation; and Pedro Villagra Delgado, Argentina’s Sherpa for the G20 presidency.

In a brief speech, the ambassador also praised several prize-winners with links to the Embassy and other British institutions, including Conicet – which this week welcomed a group of British scientists for a joint workshop on antimicrobial resistance – and the world-renowned Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, which played a key role in the identification process of deceased Argentine soldiers, who had been buried in unmarked graves in Darwin Cemetery on the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands.



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