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ARGENTINA | 22-04-2024 13:23

Poll: Milei retaining support despite complaints over dengue, education

New survey by Opina Argentina shows President Milei retains 49% approval rating, despite anger at weakening of pensions, attack on universities and response to dengue fever outbreak.

A new survey shows that five months into his Presidency, Javier Milei is retaining broad popular support in Argentina despite his government’s tough austerity campaign.

The latest edition of the monthly poll by Opina Argentina political consultancy firm indicates that Milei has an approval rating of 49 percent, a drop of just one point from March.

Breaking the results down by different age groups, youngsters were most favourable towards the President, with 64 percent support.

Since taking office last December, Milei has introduced a “chainsaw” plan to slash government spending and achieve zero fiscal deficit. 

Despite the harsh austerity measures, 48 percent of respondents in the Opina Argentina poll gave a positive assessment of economic policy, with 50 percent saying they opposed it. 

Milei also scored well on security, registering 48 percent approval.

Nevertheless, there were specific complaints about recent government policy. The Milei administration scored poorly on a number of hot-topic issues – such as its budget-slashing approach to education and response to the dengue fever outbreak.

Fifty-nine percent said they rejected the government’s approach to pensions, which have failed to keep track with inflation. Along the same lines, 50 percent rejected the President’s approach to its funding row with universities.

Regarding the dengue fever outbreak, which has already claimed 197 lives this season, a largely critical view of the Milei administration emerged. Fifty-nine percent said they rejected the handling of the health crisis, with just 26 percent in support. 

Three out of every 10 voters that backed the libertarian leader in last year’s general election disapproved of Milei’s handling of the dengue situation.


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