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CULTURE | 26-09-2023 17:13

FILBA international festival of literature brings authors, scholars to Buenos Aires

Festival Internacional de Literatura (FILBA) is back in Buenos Aires for a 15th year hailing an array of authors, literary scholars, and book lovers. Running until October 1, this year's edition, among other things, focuses on tackling AI and literature.

The FILBA international festival of literature returns Buenos Aires for its 15th year this Wednesday (September 27) , bringing together an array of literary scholars and events for five days in the capital.

With a packed programme, the festival will spring up at seven different locations around Buenos Aires: the MALBA Museum, Centro Cultural Kirchner, the French Alliance of Buenos Aires, Santander Foundation, Lalalá, Club 911 and Casa Tai, all with free entrance, and, in some cases, a required registration. 

ChatGPT and the rise of Artificial Intelligence and its tense relationship with literature is more than present in the minds of the FILBA Foundation, the event's organisers, who have decidedly named this “threat” as the theme of the festival for this year. 

“The theme was unavoidable, it could not have been anything else,” said festival programmer Catalina Labarca. “We were thinking of some topics last year but when ChatGPT appeared with such great force, when the debate on artificial intelligence and all of its human capabilities appeared, we told ourselves that we could not escape it.”

“However, we want to take a more human approach to this, one of skin and bones, trying to think what parts of a human a machine can never emulate. That is what we propose to reflect on. We want to debate just what lengths we think AI can go to and where the total human essence ends,” stated Labarca.

The festival will hail authors from across the globe, some of which include Jonathan Franzen, Mircea Cărtărescu, Francesca Manfredi and Renata Salecl, as well as Argentine natives such as Camila Sosa Villada, Mauricio Kartun, Alejandra Miya and Federico Jeanmaire, all with the shared aim of discussing the power of literature against algorithms and machines. 

Attendees will be able to participate in a series of lectures, interviews, workshops, an open library for book trading, among much more, until Sunday, October 1.

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