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MALBA celebrates 22nd birthday with free festival

On Thursday, the museum founded by Eduardo Constantini will mark its 22nd anniversary with a special set of tours.

This Thursday September 21, the MALBA Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art will turn 22 years old and the celebrations are already underway.

Opening up the gallery's impressive collection, authorities are organising an open museum day also including Plaza Perú. From 3pm to 8 pm, different free activities may be enjoyed across the museum site.

A host of workshops will take place on the square in the afternoon for the whole family, with Pucará bull stations, braiding inspired by Frida Kahlo, Latin American stamps, Mexican pennants and an editorial station to put together fanzines.

The day will draw to a close on the square with Malba Joven, a special programme for young people, and the institution's outdoor music cycle. Artist and music producer Franzizca will present her debut álbum Vida Nocturna ("Nightlife"), with visuals merging her sensitive world and the hypnotic features of her music. She will then perform an original set inspired by the Tercer ojo exhibit and some of the museum's most iconic creations.

Aylu, DJ and music producer, will also put on a show combining electro-acoustic resources, specific sounds and the use of acoustic instruments. Artist Vanesa Massa will be in charge of visual features.

Billionaire businessman Eduardo Constantini created the MALBA in 2001 in order to collect, preserve, study and disseminate 20th century and contemporary Latin American art. It currently houses some 400 works and combines a calendar of temporary exhibits with the permanent exposition of its founder’s collection. It also hosts cultural and educational activities, cinema, literature and design cycles.

In May 2007, the museum was declared a Cultural Interest Site by the Buenos Aires City Legislature, and in November 2008 it received the Konex Platinum award for the Best cultural entity of the last decade.

On September 11, Constantini’s collection was acknowledged at ARTEBA. “Eduardo F. Costantini’s passion for contemporary art and his commitment to the development of Argentine art deserve to be celebrated”, stated Larisa Andreani, president of the ARTEBA, as she was giving him the accolade.

From this body they highlighted the value of collectors to stimulate art and their contribution to the preservation of a heritage for future generations.

“Museums have become secular temples, shelters for the soul. Art transcends times of crisis and is a refuge, not only financial, but also spiritual and emotional”, Costantini said.

The museum's collection includes such important works as Diego y yo ("Diego and me") by Frida Kahlo, Baile en Tehuantepec ("Dance at Tehuantepec") by Diego Rivera, as well as incredible works from Argentine artists including Emilio Pettorutti, Xul Solar, Antonio Berni, León Ferrari, Jorge de la Vega and Lucio Fontana.



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