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ARGENTINA | 16-10-2018 15:25

Unions, Peronists rally around Pablo Moyano as arrest looms

The Moyanos have decried being the victims of a systematic campaign of "persecution".

Legal pressure on the powerful Moyano family is growing. 

On Friday, prosecutor Sebastián Scalera requested the arrest of Pablo Moyano, head of the Teamsters' Union, on charges of illicit association at the Independiente football club.

"If they attack my entire family then I'll attack them, don't mess with me", his father, union kingpin, Hugo Moyano told Radio Mitre. Moyano senior is also in hot water in the courts. He faces a number of charges of alleged corruption.

Avellaneda judge Luis Carzoglio is assessing Scalera's request, which is based on the argument that Pablo Moyano worked with Independiente thugs to defraud the club, selling unofficial tickets to games at to their home stadium and using fake sponsors to keep the club's finances in order.


On Monday, unions were rallying to determine a joint position on the issue. SMATA delegates met Monday while a conclave of Peronist leaders in Buenos Aires province, including La Matanza mayor Veronica Magario and Lomas de Zamora mayor Martin Insaurralde, also came together to discuss a position.

The Moyanos have long decried being the victims of a systematic campaign of "persecution", citing the union movement's position against the Mauricio Macri government's "15 percent wage bargaining ceiling" (the Teamsters themselves secured a 25-percent pay rise) and the failed pension reform bill, among other conflicts.

"The right thing for the Judiciary to do would be to reflect and see what happened with the 70 billion pesos that [President Mauricio] Macri's father [Franco Macri] still owes the state, which he defrauded", Moyano senior said.

"Where is that money? That's what they should be checking. It makes you laugh and makes you angry", he added.


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