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ARGENTINA | 20-10-2021 13:01

Argentina finally scraps entry quotas for travellers arriving by air

Entry caps for air passengers to Argentina were finally eliminated by the authorities on Tuesday as promised – 14 days after the country reached the landmark of half the population fully vaccinated.

Entry caps for air passengers to Argentina were finally eliminated on Tuesday – the 14th day since the country reached the landmark of half its population fully vaccinated.

"In keeping with what was established by Administrative Decision 951/21 (on October 1), as from today there will be no cap of any kind for those arriving in this country by air," an official communiqué from the ANAC (Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil) announced.

Apart from the elimination of the cap, entry into the country will also now be speeded up. As from last Tuesday, the ‘Tránsito Vecinal Fronterizo’ sworn electronic statement for crossing the frontiers of neighbouring countries will no longer be necessary. 

Antigen tests on arrival are also scrapped although "the requirement of a PCR both prior to embarking and between five and seven days after entry will be maintained," read the ANAC statement.
Government restrictions on the number of individuals who could enter national territory each day had proved intensely controversial, because they had provoked an enormous quantity of cancellations and rescheduling of flights, with people stranded abroad, often for weeks on end.

“From here on nationals, residents or tourists resident in neighbouring countries may enter if completely vaccinated provided that they have remained in the same country for 14 days prior to entry into national territory,” indicated the Interior Ministry in a separate communiqué.

As from November 1, the clock will go back to the situation prior to the coronavirus pandemic for entry from all countries worldwide provided that the passengers are completely vaccinated.
The decision to lift all caps as from Tuesday had been communicated previously on October 5 by ANAC in its Twitter account, explaining that the decision was based on "the threshold of half the population being completely vaccinated having been crossed."

From October 11 through to last Monday, the cap had been a weekly 28,000 passengers after permitting the entry of a weekly 21,000 people in the October 4-10 period with much tighter caps beforehand, the motive of endless complaints and reproaches.

The government’s argument to justify those caps was the need to delay as much as possible the penetration into the country of the Delta variant, which has been causing sanitary havoc in other countries around the world.


Safe corridors

Argentina’s government confirmed Tuesday that the following new entry corridors will now be added:

  • The International Airport of Tucumán

  • Misiones: The Posadas-Encarnación Frontier Centre

  • Misiones: Bernardo de Irigoyen - Dionisio Cerqueri

  • Entre Ríos: The Concordia-Salto Frontier Centre.

The current safe corridors are as follows:

  • Misiones: The Iguazú-Foz de Iguazú Frontier Centre and the Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport

  • Mendoza: The Gobernador Francisco Gabrielli "El Plumerillo" International Airport and the Frontier System Centre at the Cristo Redentor pass

  • Buenos Aires Province and City: The International Airports of Ezeiza, Aeroparque and San Fernando and the port terminals of Buquebus and Colonia Express

  • Ushuaia: The "Malvinas Argentinas" International Airport and the Port of Ushuaia. (To be opened on the day after the announcement, October 20)

  • Jujuy: The La Quiaca–Villazón frontier crossing

  • Córdoba: The international airport of Córdoba.



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