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The Bulletin: true community service

Seventy-eight years ago, on June 15, 1940, the very first edition of The Bulletin, a monthly publication by “the British Community Council in the Argentine Republic,” was produced.

It was begun as a means of reaching out to the British community in the Argentine Republic, at a time of strife and uncertainty during World War II. It now reaches out to an extended community, both here and abroad, continuing to unite its far-flung readership and carry on the task of recording and reviewing the community’s shared history.

The aim of The Bulletin was printed on the first page of a simple sheaf of mimeographed pages:

“It is felt that, as a periodical means of contact between the British Community Council (B.C.C.) and its Component Entities, District Committees and Guilds of the British Community Welfare Fund (B.C.W.F.), a monthly bulletin would be of considerable utility. It has therefore been decided, with this object in view, to produce a small publication, of which this is the first number.

“Although of necessity the initial effort may seem to suffer from a relative paucity of items of interest, it is confidently hoped that future editions will be of greater value; and, to this end, suggestions and ideas are invited from all quarters ... to this end contributions will be gratefully received, especially from outside Districts and those situated in far-flung parts of the Republic.”

Today, the expression (in contemporary parlance): “You’ve come a long way, baby!” springs to mind. Seventy-eight years on, the publication is still with us; those years stand as a test of time and travail, dedication and duty though thick and thin.

It has not always been easy to produce the publication and there have been periods when our beloved friend was reduced to just a few sheets of paper, emulating our humble beginnings! In the good years, 10 numbers were produced annually; at difficult times no more than two but, since 2007, it has become a quarterly publication. Yet one thing is true: whatever the prevailing situation, The Bulletin has never failed to cross our doorsteps! That in itself is proof-positive of the olde saying: “where there is a will there is a way”!

Let us raise a celebratory glass to the memory of all those who throughout the intervening years have worked tirelessly to bring us the traditional magazine, an effective means of recording and keeping us informed about the Community’s activities, in touch with one another and updated on the why and the wherefore, the what and the when:

  • to our past editors goes our recognition of a tireless job well done, with dedication and attention to details. Without their guiding hand, our magazine would have had a hard time reaching the ripe old age of 75;
  • to all those contributing writers, who over the years have worked hard to put together articles for publication, go our heartfelt thanks. Without their contribution, our community’s mouthpiece would have lacked the appeal and attraction it has enjoyed over time;
  • we also acknowledge our many and varied advertisers, sponsors and anonymous donors, whose help has allowed us to continue printing the magazine. Their sustained support has proven invaluable and we are truly in their debt;
  • and last but definitely not least, to our readers, goes our appreciation for keeping us going. Just knowing you’re there makes our effort all the more rewarding! Thank you all for your interest and approval!

Long life to and three cheers for The Bulletin!


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