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ECONOMY | 26-02-2018 10:57

Four major int'l operators interested in BA underground expansion

Underground operators from Paris, London, Lyon and Berlin have expressed interest in the tender process. The current operator Metrovías is also expected to bid.

The City government’s call for tenders for the expansion of the Buenos Aires underground system (Subte, for short) has caught the attention of some major European public transport operators.

Operators from Paris (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, RATP), Lyon (Keolys), London (TfL) and Berlin (BVG), have expressed interest in the project, the head of Subterráneos de Buenos Aires Eduardo de Montmollin confirmed to Perfil.

“The final objective of the call (for tenders) is to aim at getting the best possible operator for the City’s underground” he said.

“The operators that have come forward have so far exceeded our expectations”, he added. 

It is unsure how the system’s current majority operator Metrovías will present itself in the tender process, “whether it will be alone or with a partner”, de Montmollin added.

The contract between the City and the successful bidder(s) will last 12 years with the option to extend by three years. 

The first round of offers expires in July, including technical proposals, and the second in August. The contract is expected to be granted by October for operations to begin in January 2019.


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