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CULTURE | 06-07-2019 11:05

The birth of a new radio station: Perfil 101.9 FM

Editorial Perfil this week launched a new 24-hour news radio station: FM 101.9 Radio Perfil. Our executive director, Agustino Fontevecchia, details a new, bold addition to Argentina’s airwaves.

It’s a difficult time to be in the media business.

Not only is the industry, at a global level, struggling in the wake of a digital transformation that has seen not only a dramatic shift in audience behaviour, but also in that of advertisers too.

The tough economic situation A rgentina is going through in particular has made things that much more difficult. In that context, Editorial Perfil is at a crossroads: rather than sit the crisis out and hope we survive, we are doubling down on our strategy of becoming a true multimedia company.

Last week, we launched Radio Perfil, a 24-hour news radio station. FM 101.9 Radio Perfil is a truly innovative project in a country with a strong radio tradition. Inspired by New York’s 1010 Wins radio station, we decided to launch a new product that is focused 100 percent on the news.

There’s no shows nor stars. No music. Just news. “All the time, without losing your time,” as the new radio’s slogan reads.

Radio Perfil is the latest addition to our portfolio of products, and it’s on one of the oldest analogical mediums. Our intention is to generate something different, a bold addition that can work in synergy with our existing products.

It is also part of a broader strategy that saw us launch Net TV last October, the first open-air broadcast TV channel to be launched in Argentina in half a decade. It also responds to a strategy of diversification that saw us launch a new education division that offers graduate degrees in conjunction with Argentina’s top universities, e-learning programmes, and a recent tertiary institute that grants degrees that are officially certified by the Education Ministry.

The Buenos Aires Times, our wine club Delirio, Marie Claire magazine, and every product we have launched in the last few years is a demonstration of our intention to rebel against adversity in the quest to find an economic model that is economically sustainable.


Radio Perfil is Argentina’s only news radio, offering news all day, every day of the week. It counts on a staff of 35 journalists, producers, announcers, technicians, and digital reporters. It is currently being directed by Edi Zunino and Javier Manes, with the help of Guillermo Falcón and the leadership of Paula “Pita” Fortín.

This new project is not just analogue, it’s digital too. Not only does it air on a traditional radio frequency, we also offer live-streaming via video on our website (radio., along with A social media presence in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. An app is also available on iOS and Android for download.

We are completely aware of the situation the media industry is going through. We know that given the deep recession in Argentina, several media companies have gone bust, and thousands of journalists have been left without jobs. Perfil is also struggling with falling circulation revenues and a stalled advertising market, but we believe it is our responsibility to continue to bet on new mediums, to continue to grow our portfolio of products if we are to dream of a future for our brand of journalism.

As our founder, Jorge Fontevecchia, said during his opening speech on July 1 at 6am as the station began broadcasting: “From our studios, located in the largest multimedia newsroom in Latin America, from this factory of words as we like to call it, we present Radio Perfil. All the news, all the time, without losing your time.”

Take a listen – you might just like it.

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