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CULTURE | 16-01-2019 21:40

Ricardo Darín denies latest assault allegations

Romina Seferian first made the accusations against Darín in 2011.

Ricardo Darín, arguably Argentina's most popular actor, has hit back at accusations originally made in 2011 that he assaulted a woman in a bar.

In 2011, Romina Seferian claimed Darín assaulted her in a bar and before his wife, Florencia Bas, hit the young woman and threw a beer bottle at her.

Seferian has again raised her voice about the incident, which centres on Darín's alleged inappropriate psychical behaviour towards her, which prompted the actor to deny "both accusations" in a short message on Twitter.

The couple's son Chino Darín also denied the claims, writing on Twitter: "I was there and NO it did not happen. It was also not the way she explained it in 2011 (on the same channel) when she tried to defame my mother".

Seferian reiterated her accusations on Moria Casán's Incorrectas programme.

"We were in the bar and his wife went to the bathroom. He started speaking to me and said "what nice tights you're wearing"," she said.

Seferian claimed she did not make a criminal complaint at the time because, "I was very young and because the social stigma to go against him meant everyone was saying to me: "Do you realise that you're accusing somebody who everybody knows'".

Darín is the latest high-profile actor in Argentina to be accused of inappropriate behaviour towards women. But it is not the first time: Earlier last year, a co-star Valeria Bertuccelli complained Darín had treated her inappropriately during a production.

In December, television star Juan Darthés was accused of raping a 16-year-old co-star. He is currently laying low in Brazil but will ultimately face a criminal case against him in Nicaragua, where the alleged rape took place.


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