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Five plays to beat the heat

Buenos Aires always offers a wide range of cultural activities during the summer months, and this January there’s a set of unique local plays which are close to unmissable.

There are a thousand ways to spend the sweltering summer months in the city, but if you’re seeking to avoid being overwhelmed by the scorching heatwave, the cool climate of a darkened theatre stands out as a great option. Buenos Aires always offers a wide range of cultural activities during the summer months, and this January there’s a set of unique local plays which are close to unmissable. Here are five of the best current offerings.


Dysfunctional families have been rooted in the porteño independent theatre scene for a long time now, and somehow this formula never seems to grow old. Como si pasara un tren is a dramatic comedy which delves into the difficulties of the parentchild relationship. The subjects here are a young man struggling to overcome his immaturity and his deeply absorbent and fearful mother, who is dubious about her son’s abilities to face the real world, a fact which consequently prevents him from achieving his inner desires and dreams. The performances are stunning, the result of a solidly written play with detailed theatrical direction.

El Camarín de las Musas (Mario Bravo 960); Cast: Silvia Villazur, Guido BottoFiora and Luciana Grasso; Playwright and Director: Lorena Romanín. Fridays 10pm Saturdays 8pm and 10pm.


Sobre Mirjana... opens with a specific episode from Mirjana’s life, marked by the arrival of her mother, which will later become the play’s key theme. The encounter will allow Mirjana to take a deeper look at the details of her life and the people she is sharing it with. Croatian playwright Ivor Martinic, who also wrote Mihijo solo camina un poco más lento, once again creates beauty out of chaos, providing a detailed account of human passions and presenting conflict as the motor which brings us forward, allowing us to turn our lives upside down to reconsider things from a different point of view.

El Picadero (Pasaje Santos Discepolo 1857); Cast: Fernando ContigianiGarcia, Gabo Correa, Flor Dyszel, Agustina Groba, Marcela Guerty, Mauricio Minetti, María Onetto, and Lide Uranga; Playwright: Ivor Martinic; Director: Guillermo Cacace. Fidays & Saturdays 10.15pm.


After the success of Entonces bailemos on the independent theatre scene, Martín Flores Cárdenas is back with his latest offering: Entonces la noche. This is the story of four characters whose stories see the light when, paradoxically, night falls.

A boy decides to run away from home in order to find his father who has long ago abandoned his family, a strange event changes a woman’s destiny forever, a policeman investigates a brutal crime and a prostitute struggles to survive in a bitterly hostile environment. Each character will find his or herself wrapped in the mystery and darkness of a night that will not only deprive them of some good sleep but also of everything they have taken for granted. An unmissable dramatic thriller.

Paseo La Plaza (Av. Corriente 1660); Cast: Guillermo Arengo, Dolores Fonzi, Ezequiel Díaz, and Cecilia Roth; Playwright and Director: Martín Flores Cárdenas; Wednesdays & Thursdays 8.45pm; Fridays 9pm; Saturdays 8.15pm & 10.15; Sundays 8pm.


This play takes the central conflict of Tiovania by Anton Checkov to Carmen de Patagones in southern Buenos Aires province. Sonia and her uncle Iván live in a run-down hostel where there is only one guest, Pablo, who does not know how long he is staying. They live together peacefully and work enough to make ends meet so they can find the time to rehearse their songs. However, their harmonious life is disturbed by the arrival of Sonia’s father and his new wife, who come to tell her that the property is for sale.

The play successfully communicates Checkov’s recurrent motifs: grief, solitude, disenchantment and disappointment.

The characters are perpetually alone and it is precisely in their desire to find themselves that they hurt the ones they love the most. Is “love” therefore an item of value and necessity? El Camarín de las Musas (Mario Bravo 960); Cast: Manuela Amosa, Jose Escobar, Diego Faturos, Jorge Fernández Román, and Candela Souto Brey; Playwright & Director: Francisco Lumerman; Saturdays 10.30pm; Sundays (February 4) 8pm.


Microteatro Buenos Aires combines high street cuisine with independent theatre – a perfect match! Theatregoers to watch 15-minute plays, in a 15-square-metre room, with an audience of no more than 15 people. It is the latest and most original addition to Buenos Aires’ nightlife, not only because of the duration of each play but also because actors and audience have the possibility to interact, and to enjoy some drinks and food in between plays. Each play is chosen and curated by María Figueras and May Scapola and every 30 days the key theme changes.

January’s is “Por las vacaciones.” An incredible theatrical concept.

Microteatro (Serrano 1139); Sesión Central (All Inclusive, Las vacaciones del señor, Hasta que caiga el sol, Cambodianfields, Mar Chiquita, La discípula); Sesión Golfa, Thursdays and Fridays 11pm (Daytona, Escapada, 2x1, El abismo, Modo avión, Mi parte del todo).


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