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CULTURE | 06-07-2019 11:11

Comedic illustrator Guillermo Mordillo dies at 86

Argentine cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo, who inspired much laughter and reflection with his illustrations of round-nosed and plumpish characters, has died at the age of 86.

Adrienne Hak of Rubinstein, the Amsterdam-based firm that managed Mordillo’s royalties, said the artist died Sunday night in the Spanish island of Mallorca, where he spent long periods.

Over more than six decades, Mordillo’s illustrations featured in children’s books, animation movies, advertising campaigns and greeting cards.

He rose to fame for his strips in France’s Paris Match and Germany’s Stern magazines, among others. He won numerous awards and his work was featured around the world.

Born in Buenos Aires, Mordillo was based in the south of France after having lived and worked in Peru, the United States and Spain. He was married and had two children.

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