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CULTURE | 03-12-2020 15:06

Certificado Verano: Travellers need certificate for summer holidays

National Tourism Ministry launches an online registration system for tourists ahead of summer vacation season. Pre-booked details obligatory in several provinces.

On the eve of a December marking the start of the summer season in an atypical year, the Tourism and Sports Ministry has presented a virtual platform combining all the requisites needed for holidays in the country’s various vacation spots.

At, citizens and residents can complete the Certificado Verano ("Summer Certificate"), indispensable for entering some of the most popular provinces. 

Headed 'Este verano disfrutá y cuidate' ("Enjoy this summer but look after yourself"), the virtual platform has the requisites for entering every province but also all the information for the 2021 season which is estimated to run from early December to late February. Some destinations, such as Pinamar, have already announced that they will 'stretch' it until Easter.

The Certificado Verano is a register (obligatory in several provinces) so that the destinations are better prepared to receive tourists.

“After the most difficult year for the sector, we took the political decision to have a summer season, fundamental for reviving regional economies throughout the country. To do it responsibly, we formed an Inter-Ministerial Council for the progressive and responsible re-opening of tourism, we elaborated 16 protocols with sanitary recommendations together with the private sector and the provinces, we co-ordinated the construction of 19 Modular Health Centres with the Public Works Ministry and we defined going ahead with the DetectAR health plan in the country’s main destinations,” said Tourism and Sports Matías Lammens.

Furthermore, the site gives travellers recommendations for before, during and after the holidays – suggestions for catering, accommodation and beaches, among others.

Meanwhile tourist operators will also be able to access leaflets and other material to place in their establishments, as well as the protocols for the entire tourist chain: beaches and resorts, tourist lodgings, catering facilities, travel agencies, theme parks, tourist guides, wine tourism, rural tourism, etc.

As each province opens up the season at national level, it will also create the possibility of completing the corresponding Certificado Verano. ​

Clara Fernández Escudero

Clara Fernández Escudero

Editora de Sociedad y Ciudad de Diario Perfil. En Twitter: @clarafescudero


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