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CULTURE | 11-07-2018 12:04

Buenos Aires buskers protest City’s public order law

Buskers could face immediate detention, up to five days behind bars and fines for making "annoying noises".

Buenos Aires’s buskers and their supporters protested Tuesday against City Hall’s plans to implement changes to a public order law, which street artists say threatens their livelihoods.

“Art is not a crime” was the slogan used to denounced the proposed reform to the City’s Public Order Law, as hundreds of buskers and artists gathered outside the City Legislature in downtown Buenos Aires on Tuesday evening in protest.

“We feel like they want to kill us off slowly. It makes us very sad to see such persecution in our city when in other parts of the world we are so well received”, Alejandro Cabrera Britos from the Civil Society of Organised Street Artists (FAAO) told Clarín

Artists claim the law will allow police to “detain a person if they are making an annoying noise, with no prior warning and with no possibility offered to that person to lower the volume or stop their activity”, a FAAO statement read.

The reform means artists could also face up to five days behind bars and fines.

The bill was designed by City Hall’s Guadalupe Tagliaferri (Human Development Minister), Felipe Miguel (Cabinet Chief) and Miguel Ocampo (Security Minister).


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