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ARGENTINA | 06-09-2021 16:14

Vidal tells porteños to reject ‘resignation’ and vote ‘to stop Kirchnerism’

Former Buenos Aires Province governor, now running as a candidate for deputy, looks set to see off the challenge of former economy minister Ricardo López Murphy in a split opposition list in the federal capital.

María Eugenia Vidal on Monday urged porteños to head to the polls in large numbers next weekend in order to “stop Kirchnerism.”

The former Buenos Aires Province governor, now running as a candidate for deputy in the federal capital, told voters while on the campaign trail that it is important not to give in to “resignation” ahead of next Sunday’s PASO primaries.

"We ask everyone to go and vote this Sunday because resignation is the worst way. When you lower your arms and you stand still, that's when they run you over and take you on. This is an election to stop Kirchnerism," declared the opposition Juntos candidate during a walkaround with voters.

During a radio interview while campaigning, Vidal argued it is key to halt any further advance for the ruling Frente de Todos coalition in both chambers of Congress.

"This election is measured by the number of deputies and our objective is that Kirchnerism does not have a majority in the chamber of deputies. In [Buenos Aires] City we have the challenge of renewing 10 deputies, [so] we must obtain 60 percent of the votes. It is the most difficult and challenging election and that is why I decided to be a candidate in this district," she explained.

The PRO party politician, speaking while visiting the neighbourhoods of Mataderos, Liniers, and Villa Soldati, also encouraged voters to brush aside claims that polling stations could be focal points for Covid-19 contagion.

Buenos Aires City Health Minister “Fernán Quiros and his team have worked hard to guarantee sanitary protocols in all schools,” said the former governor, who repeatedly said that “voting is safe.”

Vidal, 47, said that her coalition has “23 concrete proposals to take to Congress" and was at odds to underline the power of a unified voting bloc.

"We are a bloc of 115 deputies who, during the last year, did not want to vote for the expropriation of Vicentin, did not want to vote for superpowers, did not want to vote for judicial reform or to the attorney [general] and we also want to impose a different agenda,” she said.

The former governor is facing a challenge for a congressional seat from ex-economy minister Ricardo López Murphy, running for Republicanos Unidos on a split opposition ticket.

According to a poll released Monday by the Giacobbe & Asociados consultancy firm, 26.5 percent of respondents say they will back Vidal's run for office, with 14.7 percent opting for López Murphy. 

Joining those two voting shares together, in a potential preview of the midterms in November, gives the opposition coalition a total of 41.9 percent, way ahead of the 22.4 percent forecast for Frente de Todos' candidate Leandro Santoro and the 11 percent predicted for outspoken economist Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza).



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