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ARGENTINA | 23-11-2023 18:23

Trump calls Milei and announces trip to Argentina

President elect Javier Milei received a call from former president of the United States Donald Trump, who congratulated him and promised a visit soon.

Former president of the US Donald Trump held a conversation with the chief executive elect of Argentina, ultra-liberal Javier Milei, in which he said he would travel to Buenos Aires to meet with him, the libertarian confirmed on X.

During the conversation, on midnight on Wednesday, Trump congratulated Milei for his election as president with 55 percent of the votes.

The conversation took place thanks to the contact facilitated by the son of former president Jair Bolsonaro, deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro.

Milei’s partner, Fátima Flórez, witnessed the call in English.

The call by the former US president was one of the most expected in the libertarian’s circle given his admiration and similar policies; and is now an addition to the long list of heads of State to communicate with him. 

“Your victory by such a margin is having a global impact”, Trump said to him according to Milei.

The call and its content were confirmed by Milei’s press office in a release in which it specified that “Trump has anticipated that he would travel to Buenos Aires to meet with him”.

This is the first direct contact between Milei and Trump after the Argentine’s victory in the presidential election.

Before that, the former chief executive had sent him a congratulatory video after his triumph with a version of his slogan “Make America Great Again”, by saying: “Make Argentina great again”.

Similarly, the local press stated that Milei would go on a quick trip to New York for person reasons to return to Buenos Aires the next day.

The objective, according to the press, is to visit a rabbi’s grave.

Milei is planning another trip prior to his inauguration on December 10, specifically to Miami, although every time he refers to it he assures that it is a personal trip.

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