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Contents of Natacha Jaitt’s tablet: what was found and the last chat messages before her death

Expert investigators from Buenos Aires Province Prosecutor’s office examine contents of tablet used by late model and socialite up until day she was found dead at the Xanadú events hall in Tigre.

Prosecutors investigating the death of model and socialite Natacha Jaitt, who was found dead on February 22, 2019, at a party hall in Benavídez, Buenos Aires Province, have expertly examined the files contained by the iPad she used until the day of her death.

Among the data, they found part of the content of the last conversation Jaitt had with the owner of the Xanadú lounge, Gonzalo Rigoni.

The iPad tablet was used by Natacha Jaitt right up until the day she died, and according to a report of the Digital Analysis Unit of the device by the Buenos Aires Province Prosecutor’s, there are no early elements which add to suspicions that she was murdered, as her family believe. 

The search was carried out by studying the 3,513 contacts she had in the device, the 1,125 conversations contained on different apps, 19 of which had been deleted. Experts also checked 23 calls made by Natacha on that day and assessed 38,000 images and 2,013 videos.

The device was eventually opened after over three years of work. Investigators sought evidence to explain whether she was murdered or if her death it was a drug overdose.

According to an order issued by prosecutors Cosme Iribarren, Diego Callegari and Sebastián Fitipaldi, experts from the Buenos Aires province Prosecutor’s Office analysed the content of the information, studying all existing files: videos, photos, chats, data files, network interactions, among other elements. 

The files included a conversation between the late model and Rigoni, owner of Xanadú, where she went on February 22, 2019. Hours later, she was found dead.

In those messages, Natacha let him know that she would be late to the meeting, because of the downpour, and to order some food because she was hungry. The businessman responded that he had ordered some sushi.

“Hey Gonzalo, we’re dealing with the storm but we’re on our way. Take it easy, it’s a mess, it started pouring down now but we’re on our way,” Jaitt texted, according to information accessed and repeated by the TN news channel.

“It’s Natacha Jaitt, just in case, maybe I’m reaching you on WhatsApp and you don’t know who I am. I’ll stop now so I can set the SatNav to get to your hall,” she added. 

Rigoni, in turn, replied: “Natacha! So glad you can make it! Don’t worry. We’re all here.”

“Great, we’re swimming on the Titanic, lol. See you there,” she added. 

Natacha then asked for some food: “Gonza, get us a bit to eat or else I’ll drive by an Auto Mac lol. Some cheese, nibbles and wine.”

He answered: “We have wine and champagne too. No food (...) You want us to order some sushi?”.

In another section of the chat, he asks her to pick up some cigarettes and she answered that she was at a petrol station. “How many do you want? 2 or 3?,” she asked. “Two, beautiful. Thanks,” he answered.

The tablet was opened last Thursday for the first time, after nearly four years and over 95,000 attempts to unlock it. In total, close to 100 gigabytes of information were obtained, now assessed during the discovery stage, which may provide any indication about the mysterious conditions of Jaitt’s death.

According to the official experts who conducted the autopsy, Natacha Jaitt died of natural causes due to a drug and alcohol overdose during the early hours of February 23, 2019, after spending a few hours at Xanadú. 

Her family do not believe there was an overdose and thjat she did not die of natural causes.

“What is established is what the coroners concluded in the autopsy: that there was a multiorgan failure, with a series of conclusions which do not a priori show the involvement of any third party in her death. It’s still being investigated,” said prosecutor Cosme Iribarren to Radio Con Vos in June this year.




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