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ARGENTINA | 07-03-2019 16:15

Blood results fail to show Natacha Jaitt consumed cocaine prior to death

Jaitt's death has prompted a wave of conspiracy theories which suggest the media personality had either overdosed or been murdered.

Official blood test results from entertainer Natacha Jaitt's body do not indicate that the entertainer consumed cocaine prior to her death, leaked forensics resulted indicate.

Jaitt, 41, was found dead at a private events facility in the Tigre district, north of Buenos Aires City, two weeks ago. Her death has prompted a wave of conspiracy theories which suggest the media personality had either overdosed or been murdered.

The results would not come up positive for cocaine because forensics were unable to obtain a proper urine sample from Jaitt's body, according to C5N crime journalist Mauro Szeta, citing police sources. Early media reports suggested investigators found cocaine on Jaitt's nostrils, but this was never officially confirmed.

Her body was also free of semen, the leaked information suggested, dismissing the claim she had been sexually abused. 

"I continue believe that this was a homicide and a plot to end Natacha's life. It was poorly managed and they left her there. My sister was with three people who consumed cocaine. Imagine the environment she was in", Ulises Jaitt, the entertainer's brother, told the El Diario de Mariana lifestyle programme on El Trece.

Blood tests from three of the five people who were present with Jaitt at the Xanadú events facility the night she died did, however, show the traces of cocaine and marijuana, including the facility's owner; while the results from the other two, including Jaitt's friend and producer Raúl Velaztiqui, did. Velaztiqui was arrested last week for alleged false testimony.

"Velaztiqui was in the best condition (since he did not consume drugs) but he acted the worst", Alejandro Cipolla, the Jaitt family's lawyer said.

The results of several other forensics tests from Jaitt's body are pending.


In 2018, Jaitt had made explosive allegations that dozens of high-profile sports and entertainment personalities were involved in an underage prostitution ring. Indicating she feared for her safety, she once went as far as to warn via Twitter that she could pay the ultimate price for revealing dirty information she had on some of the country's rich and famous.

"WARNING: I am not going to commit suicide, I am not going to take too much cocaine and drown in a bath, or shoot myself. So if this happens, it wasn't me. Save this Tweet," she wrote in April, 2018.

Jaitt had made a series of tweets and television appearances, just days after explosive allegations in April 2018 about child prostitution at major Argentine football clubs, including Independiente and River Plate. 

While many former club officials' cases remain before the courts, the scandal spent barely weeks in the news headlines in Argentina.

Jaitt was survived by two children and her brother.


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