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ARGENTINA | 05-09-2019 13:20

Teachers stage national strike in solidarity with Chubut

Attacks on teachers in Chubut by energy union members earlier this week prompts national strike by CTERA union.

Teachers belonging to the CTERA (la Confederación de Trabajadores de la Educación de la República Argentina) carried out a national strike on Thursday in solidarity with fellow educators in Chubut, with growing unrest in the southern province over lack of pay for government workers. 

The striking teachers hope to call attention to a violent attack carried out on Chubut’s striking teachers on Wednesday by alleged members of an oil and gas union. 

“Workers were physically attacked by civil gangs and later repressed by the provincial police, which resulted in five injured comrades, impeding them in the just right to reclaim democracy,” the CTERA union grouping said in a statement. 

In Buenos Aires, Thursday’s protest began at 10am in front of Chubut House, located on Sarmiento Street in the City neighbourhood of San Nicolás.

The attack on striking Chubut teachers occurred Wednesday morning in a roundabout uniting Routes 26 and 3, south of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, where teachers were allegedly attacked by members of the Private Gas and Oil Union of Chubut. 

The secretary general for CTERA, Sonia Alesso, called for a “channel of solution to the Chubut conflict, which has lasted several days and was aggravated by the aggression suffered by the teachers.” 

Speaking with Radio La Red, the labour leader added that strikes could extend to other provinces in the country.

“We are worried about Chaco, Corrientes, and Jujuy,” Alesso said. “There are various provinces with distinct situations.”

CTERA members are marching from Chubut House to Economy Ministry to “prompt the national government to adopt an urgent resolution to the conflict and announce national salaries negotiations,” the organisation said in a statement. 



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