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ARGENTINA | 03-09-2019 15:14

Gaming app 'Preguntados' to launch animated TV series 'Triviatopia'

Etermax, the Argentine company that launched 'Preguntados,' set to bring new animated TV show to YouTube.

The animated series Triviatopia, inpired by the popular question-and-answer mobile phone game and app 'Preguntados,' will premiere next Thursday, September 12 on YouTube and YouTube kids. 

Developed by the Argentine business Etermax, 'Preguntados' arrived on mobile phones and tablets at the end of 2013 and rapidly became a hit, winning millions of fans across the world. Argentines across the country could be seen playing the general knowledge quiz app on their devices.

The game – known in the English-speaking world as 'Trivia Crack' – has since opened the doors for other app creations from the company, such as the game 'Apalabrados,' as well as catapulting Etermax and its director to Máximo Cavazzani to world fame.

Today, there are more than 700 million people playing the firm's games and the company has offices in Argentina, the United States, Germany and Uruguay. 

Triviatopia will be centered around six characters or avatars that identify the categories of the game 'Preguntados': Tito (geography), Alison (science), Hector (history), Bonzo (sports), Tina (art) and Pop (entertainment). 

Together the characters will go on adventures with the viewer, in which play games that combine fun and learning.

– Times/Télam


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