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ARGENTINA | 03-09-2019 14:44

Ivanka Trump to visit Jujuy on Wednesday

Donald Trump's daughter and US Under Secretary of State John Sullivan are set to meet organisations in the province as part of the US administration's initiative for women's economic empowerment.

Ivanka Trump, advisor and daughter of US President Donald Trump, will visit Jujuy tomorrow with an agenda set to include female empowerment, the fight against drug trafficking and the expansion of economic opportunity. 

Alongside US Undersecretary of State John Sullivan, Trump is currently on a tour of Latin America, including visits to Colombia and Paraguay. 

“This trip will contribute to the fortifying in the best way US alliances in the region for the economic empowerment of women, in support of the Woman’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative of the White House,” a State Department official told reporters. 

According to US government sources, the officials plan to meet with an organisations dedicated to the empowerment of women and other business ventures in the province. 

Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie also plans to travel to Jujuy to discuss bilateral relations with Undersecretary Sullivan. 

The international guests will be received by Jujuy governor Gerardo Morales, who has once hosted Queen Máxima of Holland and Queen Margarita of Denmark. 

President Donald Trump's daughter and senior adviser met with female entrepreneurs and police cadets in Colombia on Tuesday. One of her first stops was to the General Santander Police Academy where 22 cadets were killed in a terror attack earlier this year. Six of the victims had received US government scholarships.

Ivanka Trump said the US and Colombia will develop a new peace and security alliance focused on helping women. She also announced the launch of a leadership academy aimed at equipping women with skills to develop sustainable businesses.

Colombia is a key US ally struggling to advance an historic peace deal with leftist rebels and respond to a large influx of Venezuelan migrants

After the tour of Jujuy, Trump and Sullivan will travel to Paraguay for the last leg of the trip. 




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