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ARGENTINA | 26-06-2019 11:07

Santa Fe: Governor-elect throws support behind Fernández-Fernández

Peronist candidate for governor Omar Perotti secured control of Santa Fe on June 16 against the Progressives, who had ruled the province for three terms.

As Peronists continue to poll well in local and provincial elections across Argentina, attention is now turning to their alliances at a national level.

On Wednesday, Santa Fe governor-elect Omar Perotti confirmed he "clearly" supported the candidacies of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for president and vice-president, respectively - otherwise known as the Fernández-Fernández ballot, or formally as Frente de Todos (Front for All).

"From day one, I've clearly supported the Justicialist Party ballot of Alberto and Cristina. Since the formation of our alliances in Santa Fe, I have always said I would support the decision that party took", Perotti said.

Justicialist Party (PJ) heavyweights had expected Perotti to speak out in support of Fernández-Fernández immediately after his win two weeks ago over the Progressives, who had ruled Santa Fe for three terms, however he kept quiet. Perotti secured 40.52 percent of the vote over Antonio Bonfatti's 36.34 percent.

President Mauricio Macri announced Peronist minory leader in the Senate Miguel Angel Pichetto would be his running mate for re-election, almost immediately after Perotti's win.

Months of negotiations over candidacies and the composition of coalition ballots ended last week, as the submission of final candidacies to the electoral college kicked off a new chapter in the electoral year.

Peronism's recent successes are reflected in one striking fact: there is now at least one senior Peronist political leader in each of the three main ballots for the Pink House.

On Tuesday, the JP elected Senator Carlos Caserio to replace Pichetto as leader in the Upper House.

Fourteen governors will run their candidates for the national Congress on the same ballot as Fernández-Fernández. Six will run a half ballot, meaning their candidates will run without Fernández-Fernández on the ticket, including Córdoba and several Patagonian provinces.

Meanwhile, five provinces with Macri-alligned governors will support Macri-Pichetto; and just one, Salta, will back the ballot of Roberto Lavagna and the Governor of Salta Juan Manuel Urtubey as his running mate.


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