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ARGENTINA | 23-06-2019 16:55

Mother of rail tragedy victim to run as Lower House candidate

The 2012 train crash at the Once train station in Buenos Aires City killed 51 people, including María Luján Rey's son Lucas Menghini Rey.

The mother of one of the 2012 Once train crash victims, María Luján Rey, will represent President Mauricio Macri's Todos por el Cambio coalition as a candidate for the national Congress representing Buenos Aires province.

Rey, whose son Lucas Menghini Rey died in the tragic crash at the Once train station, received a huge round of applause when she signed her candidacy paperwork on Saturday at the coalition's signing event in Buenos Aires city. Rey will second Cristián Ritondo, the province's Security Minister, who is positioned first on the ballot.

"What a sense of pride I feel to see María Lujan as our candidate", lawmaker Elisa Carrió wrote via Twitter.

"Argentina needs people who are committed to the fight against corruption and she is an example of the fight for truth and justice", she added.

Rey's candidacy was confirmed with the launch of video denouncing those responsible for the 2012 crash that killed 51 people and injured more than 700.

In recent years, Rey has worked with Buenos Aires Governor María Eugenia Vidal in her press team. She has called for "a new type of politics".

Rey last month took aim at presidential hopeful Alberto Fernández for what she perceived as his dismissal of the Fernández de Kirchner government's responsibility in the crash.

Alberto "Fernández continues to show that, like all Kirchnerites, he is unaware of court rulings and does not hesitate to create more pain among those of us who have suffered the consequences of their corruption", Rey charged.


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