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ARGENTINA | 23-06-2019 16:57

Camaño to face former ally Massa as BA province candidate

Graciela Camaño will lead Roberto Lavagna's coalition on the ballot for Buenos Aires province, while former Bolivar mayor Eduardo Bucca is set to challenge María Eugenia Vidal for the governorship.

Graciela Camaño will lead presidential hopeful Roberto Lavagna's coalition Consenso 2030 in the race for seats in national Lower House representing Buenos Aires province.

After several days of speculation about her political future and a possible run for the governorship of Buenos Aires, Camaño will likely remain in the Lower House where, until recently and for four years, she led Sergio Massa's Renewal Front minority party.

Massa last week announced he and the remaining members of his party would join the Frente de Todos coalition led nationally by Alberto Fernández. Massa and Camaño will, therefore, face one another in the race for control of the Lower House.

"I have decided to take another path", Camaño said last week, describing Massa as "a great person".

Camaño is considered an effective parliamentarian and is widely respected.


Lavagna's candidate to challenge María Eugenia for the governorship of Buenos Aires is Eduardo "Bali" Bucca, the former mayor of Bolivar district.

"He's from Buenos Aires province. This is a province which has been subjected to outside rule and people who know little about the province. 'Bali' was mayor of Bolivar and, as a provincial lawmaker, know it well and brings value", Lavagna told reporters outside the University of San Martín on Friday.

Camaño will be joined by Alejandro 'Topo' Rodríguez, Liliana Schwindt and Jorge Illa on the ballot, while Governor of Salta province Juan Manuel Urtubey will run as Lavagna's vice-presidential candidate.

Camaño was Labour minister in 2002 alongside Lavagna, who was then Economy minister.


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