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ARGENTINA | 21-12-2019 09:15

Police transport British tourist’s suspected murderer to Buenos Aires

The suspected murderer of the British tourist killed in Puerto Madero last week arrived in Buenos Aires on Friday to appear before the courts.

Ángel Eduardo Lozano Azuaje, alias ‘Cachete,’ is currently being held in Unit 28 of the Federal Penitentiary Service (SPF) at the Palacio de Tribunales. He was due to appear before Judge Yamile Bernan and Prosecutor Ana Yacobucci, the judicial officials in charge of the case, at press time.

Lozano Azuaje, 21, and three other alleged accomplices were transferred from the provinces of Salta and Jujuy by a delegation of the Buenos Aires City Police.

Two detainees were identified as Luis José Lozano León, 35, and Carlos José Manzo Tortolero, 30. Another, Aly José Ramos Ladera, age unknown, was arrested in Jujuy. In total, nine people have been arrested to date, with the authorities announcing another arrest in Quilmes on Thursday.

Investigators believe Lozano Azuaje, a Venezuelan national, fired the gun that killed British tourist Matthew Gibbard last Saturday.

The 50-year-old was killed after a struggle with thieves at the door of the five-star Faena Art Hotel in Puerto Madero, after a bullet entered his armpit, continuing onto his chest and piercing a lung.

Gibbard’s stepson, 28-year-old Stephan Joshua Zone, was shot in the leg but survived after undergoing an emergency operation at the City’s Argerich Hospital.

The suspects were arrested by the National Gendarmerie (Border Guard) last Monday while they were travelling by bus from Salta and Jujuy toward Argentina’s border with Bolivia, where they intended to escape the authorities.

The suspects will be investigated on charges they formed “an illicit association” that targeted and attacked tourists, after identifying them and following them from Ezeiza International Airport.

Officials believe the gang was, for the most part, led by Venezuelans, with Argentines providing logistical support, including motorbikes and cars.

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