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ARGENTINA | 20-12-2019 18:15

Former Frente de Todos candidate killed by husband in femicide

Laura Sirera, who ran to be a councillor earlier this year in Pilar, found dead after attack police believe was carried out by her husband, who later attempted to commit suicide.

A former Frente de Todos politician from Pilar has been found murdered, with all signs identifying her husband as the perpetrator.

Laura Sirera, who ran for the Peronist coalition for the position of councillor in the Buenos Aires Province City, is believed to have been killed by her husband, Matías Bernal, on Thursday night, police officials told local news agencies.

Bernal later attempted to commit suicide, though medics were able to save his life.

Law enforcement officials said Sirera's body was discovered by Bernal's brother at the couple's apartment in the neighbourhood of La Terraza at around 7pm Thursday night.

He couldn't reach the couple via phone, so he went to the apartment to check on them, sources told Perfil

Sirera, 34, lived there with Bernal and their two children, aged six and eight.

Sources say police found a hammer inside the apartment that they believe was used to beat and, ultimately murder, Sirera. 

Bernal escaped and was found by police about 20 minutes away from the scene of the crime. He's said to have been carrying a knife and tried to use to take his own life, but then was promptly transported to the emergency room. There, he was operated on by doctors and overseen by local police. 

Sirera's car was found parked at their apartment, with her keys and wallet still inside. 

Sources say that the two were in the middle of separating as a couple, but were still living together at the time of the murder. 

Prior to running for the position of councillor, Sirera worked in the Consumer Defence Department of of the local Pilar government. Before that, she worked at the Youth Department for the Municipality of Pilar. 

The case will be overseen by Carolina Carballido, a lawyer from the District Attorney's Gender Investigation Office. She's currently awaiting results from the autopsy, which was expected to take place at some point Friday. 

Carballido said the case against Bernal would be investigated as an "aggravated homicide and femicide." 


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