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ARGENTINA | 10-06-2019 17:55

Morales wins re-election in Jujuy, as three other provinces stay Peronist

There was joy for the president in Jujuy this weekend as Governor Gerardo Morales won re-election. But elsewhere, there was the familiar tale of three defeats, with Peronism triumphant in Tucumán, Entre Ríos and Chubut.

President Mauricio Macri had cause for celebration on Sunday, after Cambiemos coalition its first triumph in this year’s regional elections. However, the coalition’s poor run of results continued, as Peronists held three other provinces.

The only triumph of ‘Super Sunday’ for Cambiemos was registered in Jujuy, where Governor Gerardo Morales won re-election with 43 percent of the votes. He benefitted from a divided Peronist vote, with Julio Ferreyra (PJ) taking 32 percent and 11 percent banked for Guillermo Snopek (Juntos por Jujuy).

However, defeats in Tucumán, Chubut and Entre Ríos mean they remain in Peronist hands, adding to a run of setbacks in provincial politics for the president. Cambiemos has now suffered 14 defeats in regional votes, with just four months to go before the October presidential election, in which the president will seek re-election.

In the northern province of Tucumán, with 89 percent of votes counted, incumbent Peronist governor Juan Manzur held an unbreakable lead with 51 percent of votes, finishing more than 30 points ahead of Cambiemos-aligned candidate SSilvia Elías de Pérez on 20 percent. In third place, on 13 percent, was Fuerza Republicana candidate Ricardo Bussi, son of ex-Army general and dictatorship-era criminal Antonio Domingo Bussi, who scored a shock by finishing above former governor José Alperovich.

In Chubut, with 99.6 percent of the polling stations recording, Governor Mariano Arcioni – aligned with Renewal Front leader Sergio Massa – was re-elected with 38 percent, six points more than fellow Peronist and Kirchnerite candidate Carlos Linares on 31 percent, with Macrista candidate Gustavo Menna trailing on 14 percent.

In Entre Ríos province, Peronist Gustavo Bordet took 57 percent of the vote, finishing 22 points ahead of Cambiemos’ Atilio Benedetti on 35 percent.

Meanwhile, in Mendoza, a gubernational primary saw Cambiemos take a total share of the vote equating to 43 percent thanks to candidates Rodolfo Suarez (in top position, sitting mayor of Mendoza City), Omar de Marchi and Fernando Armagnague. Peronist candidates took 32 percent, by way of contrast.


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