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ARGENTINA | 08-06-2019 12:14

Swedish ambassador prepares to bid farewell to Buenos Aires

Swedish Ambassador Barbro Elm, who ends a three-year mission to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay next month, last Wednesday hosted a reception to mark the Scandinavian country’s national day (June 6).

Elm gave a brief rundown of the highlights in a mission with “chispa,” looking beyond the ministerial visits (Public Administration Minister Ardalan Shakarabi, testimony to how immigrants are rising near the top in Sweden, and Trade Minister Ann Linde for the WTO summit in late 2017) to such worthy causes as corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and gender equality.

Apart from the visit of several other senior officials, the traditional bilateral relationship pillars of business and culture (including continuous academic co-operation) were not neglected – there was a major energy sector delegation in late 2017, followed by Swedish Export Credit Agency directors in 2018 with the centenary of filmmaker Ingmar Bergman honoured the same year.

The reception also included awarding the Polar Star medal to Elm’s opposite number in Stockholm’s Argentine Embassy – Nélida Contreras who has just wound up her mission there.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish Ambassador Elm the best in her future endeavours, as she returns to Stockholm

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