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ARGENTINA | 10-06-2019 15:56

Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo identify 130th missing grandchild of long search

Abuelas confirm "restitution of identity" of another grandchild. Group will hold a press conference on Thursday with the individual, who lives 'outside of Capital Federal.'

The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo confirmed this morning that they have identified grandchild number 130 of their decades-long search.

"We happily announce a new restitution of identity," the organisation, which is led by Estela de Carlotto, said on its website.

Information on the new grandchild has been scarce to date, but the legendary human rights group said the individual live "outside of Capital Federal [Buenos Aires]."

The Abuelas said they would hold a press conference on Thursday, June 13, at 1pm at the organisation's headquarters on Viceroy Cevallos 592, CABA, at which the grandchild will be present. 

" We appreciate the displays of affection and happiness and we ask for your patience and prudence until Thursday, when we will be able to provide all the information about the case," the group added in a post on Twitter.

This is the 130th grandchild of the organisation's long four-decade search. The most recent identification of a new relative, number 129, came in April, when 


The Grandmothers, formed in October 1977 and headed by Estela de Carlotto, have now identified 129 children who were snatched away, given new identities and handed to new families after their parents were killed by the 1976-1983 military junta.

The grandmothers, now aged in their 80s or over, lost either a son or a daughter to forced disappearances for opposing the military regime, and in many cases, their babies that were born in captivity.

They believe as many as 500 children were given up for adoption to relatives or associates of the regime.


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