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ARGENTINA | 30-11-2023 17:38

Milei’s Cabinet begins to take shape

President-elect confirms Caputo for Economy Ministry and Manuel Adorni as his spokesperson; Key ministerial posts still yet to be decided include Security, Defence, congressional posts and the intelligence services.

Just over a week out from his inauguration as head of state, president-elect Javier Milei’s future Cabinet is beginning to take shape.

Over the past week, the La Libertad Avanza leader has trickled out the names of a number of future government officials, confirming key positions such as Cabinet chief and Economy minister. Close advisor Nicolás Posse and ex-finance minister Luis ‘Toto’ Caputo will take those roles respectively.

Also confirmed are Guillermo Francos as Interior minister and Sandra Pettovello will be head of the ‘superministry’ of Human Capital, which will be made up of the previous ministries of Health, Education, Labour and Social Development. 

Milei also revealed this week that the outspoken journalist Manuel Adorni will be the voice of the new government as his presidential spokesperson.  The president-elect also confirmed that Gerardo Werthein will be his ambassador to the United States.

Elsewhere, Guillermo Ferraro will be the new Infrastructure minister, key for economic development, and economist Diana Mondino will take on the role of Foreign minister, promising a new vision for Argentina that is closer to the United States and Israel.

Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo will head the Energy Secretariat, Leonardo Cifelli will assume the post of Culture secretary and Gustavo Morón and Sergio Arbeleche will be appointed as Labour and Mining secretaries respectively, each focusing on critical sectors for economic growth and employment. Franco Mogetta will be Transport secretary.

Heading key agencies, Tomás Sutton will preside over the ENACOM National Communications Entity and Osvaldo Giordano will be at the helm of the ANSES social security agency.

Still, with less than 10 days to go until the inauguration, a number of key posts are yet to be filled, not least the new head of the Central Bank, which Milei has vowed to abolish.

Controversially, Milei has also chosen to keep on veteran Peronist Daniel Scioli as ambassador to Brazil. The former Buenos Aires Province governor has impressed in the post and managed to establish a working relationship with former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who was a fierce critic of President Alberto Fernández’s government.


PRO problems

The debate and dance of names is continuing to cause friction among the opposition PRO party, which is split over its backing for Milei. 

Local media outlets reported midweek that tensions are running at an all-time high between Mauricio Macri, the party's founder, and Patricia Bullrich, the party's president, who both came out publicly for Milei ahead of the November 19 run-off. 

On Thursday, a message attributed to Bullrich by journalist Viviana Canosa was read-out on TV that said: "I do not submit to Milei." This was cited as further proof that the two have differences over the make-up of Milei's Cabinet. Bullrich herself is rumoured for the Security Ministry or Labour Secretariat.

President-elect Milei's government will have a Cabinet of eight ministries (Defence, Justice, Economy, Human Capital, Foreign Affairs, Infrastructure, Security and Interior), a major restructuring from President Fernández's government of 19 portfolios.


Confirmed appointments

  • Cabinet Chief: Nicolás Posse

  • Economy Minister: Luis ‘Toto’ Caputo

  • Interior Minister: Guillermo Francos

  • Human Capital Minister: Sandra Petovello

  • Justice Minister: Mariano Cúneo Libarona

  • Infrastructure Minister: Guillermo Ferraro

  • Foreign Minister: Diana Mondino

  • Energy Secretary: Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo

  • Culture Secretary: Leonardo Cifelli

  • Mining Secretary: Sergio Arbeleche

  • Transport Secretary: Franco Mogetta

  • President of ENACOM: Tomás Sutton

  • Head of ANSES: Osvaldo Giordano

  • Presidential spokesperson: Manuel Adorni

  • Ambassador to US: Gerardo Werthein

  • Ambassador to Brazil: Daniel Scioli



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