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ARGENTINA | 27-10-2019 21:57

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta wins re-election as Buenos Aires City mayor

Juntos por el Cambio incumbent will serve another four years, despite difficulties for party's flagship candidates, President Mauricio Macri and Governor María Eugenia Vidal.

Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta will be re-elected to his post as mayor of Buenos Aires Sunday night, after defeating Frente de Todos candidate Matías Lammens. 

With 94.05 percent of votes in the mayoral election counted, Rodríguez Larreta had 55.61 percent of the vote, surpassing the threshold needed to avoid a run-off. This margin makes him the only candidate to claim victory outright in the first round since the creation of the electoral provision in 1994. 

Matías Lammens, of Frente de Todos, took 35.31 percent.

“I want to tell you something. Today, the City of Buenos Aires showed that these past four years were worth it. We accomplished what many thought was not possible,” he said in front of an adoring crowd at the Juntos por el Cambio bunker in Costa Salguero. 

The crowd erupted into chants of “Vamos Horacio, a la reeleccion” (Let’s go Horacio, to the re-election”) whenever he paused during his speech. 

Rodríguez Larreta thanked his fellow Juntos por el Cambio party members, President Mauricio Macri and Governor María Eugenia Vidal, with whom he “started to transform the city.” 

Despite the decidedly contentious campaign, Rodríguez Larreta congratulated his competitors and made himself available to hearing their ideas throughout his tenure. 

“They conducted themselves with great respect, I’ll always be open to dialogue and will call on them,” he said.  

He was joined on stage by his running mate, Diego Santilli. 



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