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ARGENTINA | 10-08-2019 10:37

Lavagna hopes to outperform expectations of polls

Consenso Federal presidential candidate Roberto Lavagna closed his campaign Friday with his now-traditional thirdway pitch, asking voters to say “no to the bad from before and no to the bad from now.”

Speaking at the Centro Migueletes in San Martín, Greater Buenos Aires, the former economy minister explained to the crowd that he wanted “give a hand to the country.”

“They don’t want us because we fight against polarisation. We had to fight through traps, being ignored, isolation and lies but here we are,” said Lavagna, 77, inviting his audience to stand in support.

Accompanied by his vice-presidential hopeful, Salta Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey, the opposition candidate maintained that it was necessary to “put money in the pockets of the people” to incentivise production and consumption.

He lamented Argentina’s painful economic recession and the “period of stagnation that has lasted eight years.”

“Confronted with this reality, Consenso Federal is ready to work on three planes: political-institutional, economic and social,” he specified.

Also present were the outgoing governor of Santa Fe Province, Miguel Lifschitz; Hugo Benitez, the secretary general of 62 Peronist organisations and Huberto Tumini, the catalyst behind the agreement that formed Consenso Federal, among other leaders.

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