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ARGENTINA | 10-08-2019 10:33

Espert vows to say ‘chau’ to ‘old politics’

Presidential hopeful for Frente Despertar José Luis Espert ended his campaign on Thursday in Almirante Brown Plaza, just behind the Casa Rosada, with the battle cry of “chau to Kirchnerismo and Macrismo.”

The outspoken economist, who is placed fourth in the polls, has hired former Bill Clinton aide Dick Morris in recent weeks to assist his campaign, which he said has “imposed in the agenda of the campaign discussion the ideas of liberalism and common sense.”

“We say ‘chau’ to Kirchnerism, the worst government he have had since the return of democracy, and also we say ‘chau’ to Macrismo, which has evolved into a different container of Kirchnerism,” he declared.

Commenting on his policies, the economist said in somewhat questionable terms that “we want to end this very worrying tendency toward a country of misery, an African country.”

The event ended with a release of balloons while supporters of Frente Despertar shouted “Chau to old politics.”

Espert, standing alongside his running mate, journalist Luis Rosales, remarked that Sunday’s vote is “a chance to vote in freedom, to vote without fear or with fuss.”

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