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ARGENTINA | 10-08-2019 10:34

Del Caño: I’m the anti-IMF candidate

Frente de Izquierda presidential hopeful Nicolas Del Caño closed his campaign on Wednesday urging voters to support the “only political force that believes that the IMF should not be allowed to govern the country” and questioned the “false polarisation that they want to impose” ahead of the PASO.

“Frente [de Izquieda] is the only that has proposed a realistic programme to make sure that those who caused the crisis pay for what they have done and we have always supported and will continue to support workers and their struggle,” Del Caño told the crowd, indicating his rejecting of the government’s US$56-billion credit-line with the International Monetary Fund.

He maintained that “millions of people have rejected this government,” he said, because “they are disenchanted and feel ripped off by Cambiemos.”

He added: “let’s tell the whole story: [Mauricio] Macri could not have carried out a single one of his measures of hunger and surrender without the open collaboration of a large part of the people who now make up Frente de Todos.”

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