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ARGENTINA | 25-10-2021 13:49

Horacio Rosatti on Lorenzetti, Macri and Alberto Fernández

New Supreme Court chief justice spoke briefly to Noticias magazine, responding to ex-president Mauricio Macri’s regret over having nominated him as “the best praise I ever had as a judge.”

In his first month Supreme Court Chief Justice Horacio Rosatti has asked for his appointments diary to be filled with meetings with judges, pushing interviews with journalists for later down the road. Nevertheless, the insistence of Noticias magazine did allow us to gauge his views on some concepts.

Running into Rosatti at the corner of Lavalle and Talcahuano, just a few metres away from the central courthouse while en route to outgoing justice Elena Highton de Nolasco, this journalist had the following exchange with the head of Argentina’s highest tribunal on the streets. 


Are you expecting the replacement of [Elena] Highton de Nolasco?

That’s up to the representatives in Congress.


Do you think that your appointment [as chief justice] had “moral vices while being legally disqualified,” as [your 2007-2018 predecessor] Ricardo Lorenzetti commented?

No. The meeting was convoked by the then-chief justice with the quorum and the majority required by the regulations. I regret that not all five justices were there.


Does it worry you that Mauricio Macri said [in his book Primer Tiempo] that he regretted having nominated you?

No, I think that’s the best praise I’ve been given as a judge, although I don’t think he said it wanting to praise me. 


Have you spoken with [President] Alberto Fernández since you were chosen chief justice?



No time for the question as to if he thought he would be speaking to the president any time soon. 

Rosatti thanked this journalist, made his excuses and continued on his way. This dialogue is to be continued at another time, he promised.

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