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ARGENTINA | 02-08-2023 19:08

After laying down conditions, Juan Grabois meets with US Ambassador Marc Stanley

After rejecting an invitation from the US Embassy and imposing conditions, Unión por la Patria presidential hopeful finally meets with Washington's Ambassador in Buenos Aires Marc Stanley.

After rejecting an invitation from the US Embassy issued and declaring he wouldn’t submit to a “submission ritual,” presidential hopeful for Unión por la Patria Juan Grabois has finally welcomed Washington’s ambassador in Buenos Aires at his offices for a meeting.

Via a letter posted on his personal Twitter account in early July, Grabois proposed a series of conditions in order for the gathering with Marc Stanley to take place. Among them, the venue should be his office and the meeting should be non-confidential. 

And so, on Wednesday morning, they met at the social leader’s office together with Rob Allison, the ambassador’s political advisor, US Embassy political attaché Victoria Cedeño and his interpreter.

Through his social networks, Grabois focused on the planning of the meeting: “It’s a small way to show how to defend national dignity and we have left the ‘backyard’ complex. I can assure you, my fellow Argentines, international lobby geniuses with all their connections and constant good news, are neither geniuses nor good negotiators, and they do not defend our national interest. What they want is to be friendly with power and they end up being lap dogs.”

He added: “In order to establish links on an equal footing you have to command respect, eradicate any colonial vocation in management and do away with our inferiority complex as Argentines.”

“We are a wonderful country with multiple capacities to win back our future and leave our children a better place, more just and equal than what was given to us,” declared Grabois.

“We need to acknowledge our own value and adopt an ethical, humanistic and patriotic perspective to achieve this. A multipolar world is possible if we do not admit any form of colonialism by any power. Our job is to build the Great Homeland as a geopolitical axis and an economic power with comprehensive social and ecological equality,” he concluded.

Grabois also revealed that US Ambassador Stanley had arrived bearing a present: a number of Thermos flasks. The leader said he would not be keeping them: “In the next few hours we will give them to the brigades working with the homeless. 

Their talks focused on links with the IMF and the US envoy stated that the responsibility for the loan is fully Argentina’s, Grabois said. 


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