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ARGENTINA | 02-02-2023 15:25

Juan Grabois says he will run for president in 2023 – but only if 'Wado' De Pedro doesn't

Social leader Juan Grabois announces that he will be a candidate for president for the ruling Frente de Todos coalition next year, should Interior Minister Eduardo 'Wado' de Pedro decide not to run.

Juan Grabois has confirmed that he will run for president for Frente de Todos – but only if Interior Minister Eduardo 'Wado' de Pedro decides not to.

The comments, delivered amid growing internal tensions in the ruling coalition, came as the Christian social leader declared he would take a less confrontational stance towards the government this year, in light of the upcoming election campaign.

"I am a candidate. Until now, the only one who has said he’s a candidate is me. [The] First candidate of the Frente de Todos," said the social leader during an interview with journalist Gustavo Sylvestre on C5N's Minuto Uno programme.

Grabois is one of the most influential social leaders in Argentina, though he never held formal political office. A lawyer raised in a wealthy family, he gave up everything to take the lead of the Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE) and the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP). 

"What I propose is a five-year plan and to be a candidate of our generation. Obviously there are men and women who are much better [qualified] than me for that, I hope they dare," said Grabois. "What worries me is that there is a centre-conservative alliance that is the only option within the Frente de Todos."

"I get very angry with Alberto or with Sergio Massa, and until 2022 I was a loose cannon. Now, election year, it is 'first, then the country, then the men'," he said, alluding to the classic Peronist aphorism.

Despite running within the same coalition, the leader of the MTE clarified that he maintains several differences with the current government, such as his opposition to the agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund and the cancellation of debts for the energy companies Edenor and Edesur.

"These are political differences that need to be addressed," he declared.

He concluded: "We have to be in the mindset of doing the best we can for the people and the country in these ten months. And when the elections come, we must guarantee unity in diversity."


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