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ARGENTINA | 02-08-2023 15:06

Vidal chooses her Juntos por el Cambio candidate: 'I’m voting for Horacio'

The national deputy made her support for the City of Buenos Aires mayor as a presidential hopeful public. Larreta’s answer.

Two weeks away from the PASO primaries, Juntos por el Cambio national deputy María Eugenia Vidal has made her support for Horacio Rodríguez Larreta as a presidential hopeful explicit. 

The former governor of the province of Buenos Aires and ex-presidential candidate stressed in a social network post her personal relationship with Rodríguez Larreta, whom she has known for 27 years and said that had contributed to her decision to back the Buenos Aires City mayor over PRO party rival Patricia Bullrich

In a post carrying the title “My Vote,” María Eugenia Vidal declared:  “A few days away from the PASO primaries and with the conviction that on August 14th we’ll all be together and united, I want to tell you that in the next election, I’m voting for Horacio”.

“We’ve been friends for 27 years, we’ve worked together and he’s been there for me at some of the nicest times of my life and also the most difficult ones. But I’m not voting for him because of that. For 27 years, I’ve seen him work from Monday to Sunday, from 6 am till late in the evening. Not one day, not a few years. Always,” she added.

“For 27 years, I’ve seen him prepare and train for this challenge. Accumulating experience, ruling, going through crises and difficulties. For 27 years, I’ve witnessed him believing in his team. Calling for valuable people and setting them goals that seemed unattainable, and achieving them,” said Vidal.

And she concluded: “I’m convinced that Argentina needs a president who works and won’t stop working. A trained and experienced president. A president who believes in the value of teams. A president who believes in change, and in making that change last FOREVER, without EVER giving up. I’m voting for Horacio because I’m convinced that today he’s the best for Argentina.”

Larreta had previously added the support of Facundo Manes, the Radical leader who also once intended to run for the presidency. Last week he had also gained the endorsement of Rodrigo de Loredo, an influential Radical from Córdoba.

Vidal had announced her own pre-candidacy for the presidency and had been campaigning until early May, but she eventually made the decision to remove herself from the contest. That same day, she held a public meeting with Bullrich, while the next day she had breakfast at her home with Rodríguez Larreta.

During the last days of campaigning, the former governor will take part on Wednesday in the visit she will make together with Rodríguez Larreta in Santa Cruz, in order to back the candidacy of former journalist Mario Markic.

According to the information obtained by Noticias Argentinas news agency, the ex governor is expected to have a chance to address the audience and express her support for the campaign during the rally.


Rodríguez Larreta’s response

In the same medium, Rodríguez Larreta thanked the deputy for her support: “Thanks a lot, Mariu! I love you so much. I will honour your vote and that of every Argentine entrusting me with the task of making our country progress. It makes me very happy to have your support and I want to share why with everyone.”

“We are united by a friendship of nearly half our lives, 27 years of being there for each other back-to-back in every challenge and joyous moment. But it’s not just time, it’s about having acknowledged in each other the same conviction that Argentina can change and we have to give it our all, as a team, to make it happen. The same conviction that led us to found, with Mauricio and many more, the PRO as a space that will allow us to expand and build that future,” he pointed out.

“I remember perfectly when we started working together, you were welcomed with your enthusiasm and bravery in every project we undertook. Now, 27 years later, I still see the same strength and courage that changed many people’s lives and the conviction that by working together we have so much more to do,” said Rodríguez Larreta.

He added: “I also still see the same person who doesn’t keep anything to herself and over the last few years travelled thousands of miles throughout this country looking for every Argentine who stopped believing to show them that this country can be solved, that we can change our lives for the better.

“We know many Argentines are sad, frustrated and they have more than enough reasons to feel that way, but this year we have a new chance to choose our future. A year with hope, where effort and merit are not taken for granted. When we can live at ease, in peace, and can progress.

“We have been preparing our entire lives for this moment, we have the experience, the teams, the drive and the conviction that change is possible. And today it makes me very happy to know that we’re going to do it together,” he concluded.


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