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ARGENTINA | 28-08-2019 18:30

Lacunza calls for new deadlines for IMF debt repayments

In a press conference on Wednesday, the finance minister expressed the government's intent to negotiate a new debt restructuring with the IMF.

Finance Minister Hernán Lacunza requested a new deadline to pay back the country's loans with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday after the peso experienced a renewed battering and the country's risk rating rose to 2,112. 

Lacunza called on the IMF to "initiate dialogue to rearrange the due dates of our debt with this organisation."

"Furthermore, we have decided to elevate to Congress' consideration a law to provide tools for the extension of the debt under local jurisdiction," Lacunza said. 

Lacunza also urged political unity between the government and the opposition.

"All political forces want to win elections, but it's not an excuse to put a risk the economic stability of all Argentines," Lacunza said at a press conference Wednesday evening. 



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