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ARGENTINA | 20-11-2019 13:40

Macri to let Fernández decide where presidential inauguration takes place

Sources close to Mauricio Macri say they’ll comply with whatever the president-elect decides. It’s looking almost certain the handover will take place in Congress.

The presidential handover from former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to Mauricio Macri in 2015 was rife with scandal. This time around, the outgoing government is seeking to avoid something similar.

For that reason, it’s been decided that the ceremony on December 10 will take place wherever incoming president Alberto Fernández wants, according to reports.

Macri’s government’s official position has been that, according to laws governing the ceremonial handover, the swearing-in should take place in the Casa Rosada. However, the opposition countered by citing a different article in the Constitution and referring to the years 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2011 as proof that it can – and should – happen within the halls of Congress. 

Sources close to the president told Perfil that the decision they would “abide” with whatever Fernández decides. 

“We continue to maintain that traditionally the handover of power was done in the Casa Rosada, as we said in 2015. But if the president-elect wants to do it in Congress, it will be done in Congress,” the same government source told Perfil

All signs point to the ceremony happening at Congress. 

According to Infobae, Fernández made his decision after meeting with Fernández de Kirchner on Monday. The two also discussed the make-up of Fernández's cabinet and the issues they would try to address through special legislative sessions convened by decree after December 10. 

Having an orderly transition continues to be a priority for the current government, which looks to avoid confrontations with Fernández, with the main exception to the rule being Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, who has continued to clash with the incoming administration. 



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