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ARGENTINA | 23-01-2020 18:03

Foreign Ministry recalls ambassadors in diplomatic shake-up

Foreign Minister Felipe Solá recalls Argentina's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Renato Carlos Sersale Di Cerisano, as part of a wider diplomatic shake-up that could see Alicia Castro head to Russia.

Alberto Fernández’s administration recalled two ambassadors from their posts on Tuesday, according to a release in the Official Gazette, including Argentina's ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The news follows in the wake of Foreign Minister Felipe Solá's move to end posts for three retired diplomats, who former president Mauricio Macri had summoned back to serve in his administration.

According a statement from the Foreign Ministry, the government has terminated the positions of Renato Carlos Sersale Di Cerisano and Carlos Foradori, who served as Argentina's envoys to the United Kingdom and international organisations in Geneva (WTO, ILO, WHO, UNHCR, among others), respectively.

Sersale Di Cerisano, 70, had served in London since 2016, after spending nearly a decade as the Ambassador to South Africa. A popular career diplomat and former economist, Sersale forged a strong bond with his British counterpart in Buenos Aires, Ambassador Mark Kent, and the duo worked closely on issues such as the humanitarian flights to the Malvians (Falkland) Islands. It is believed he will retire from Argentina's foreign service now his mission has ended, as will Macri's former foreign minister Jorge Faurie. 

Likewise, Solá also terminated the positions of three retired diplomats who had returned to the Foreign Ministry after Macri's call: Roberto García Moritán, Fernando Enrique Petrella and Jorge Herrera Vegas.

The trio had served as presidents of the Argentine delegation of the Mixed Technical Commission of the Maritime Front; the National Foreign Service Institute (ISEN); and of the Argentine Delegation before the Administrative Commission of the Río de la Plata ), respectively.

In another ambassadorial shake-up, Alicia Castro looks set to be appointed Argentine Ambassador to Russia, pending Senate approval. Castro had served as the Argentine Ambassador to the United Kingdom before Macri appointed Sersale Di Cerisano.

 Solá, meanwhile, has travelled to Israel as part of the official delegation that accompanied President Alberto Fernández on his first international outing.

The Fernández administration has already appointed several ambassadors, including Carlos Tomada, in Mexico; Rafael Bielsa, in Chile; Jorge Argüello, in the United States, Sergio Urribarri, in Israel; and Carlos ‘Chacho’ Álvarez in Peru.



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