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ARGENTINA | 11-12-2020 00:37

Fernández de Kirchner slams courts in write-up of government's first year

Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner airs strong criticism of judicial branch, especially the Supreme Court, whom she accused of participating in "lawfare" and "guaranteeing the impunity of Mauricio Macri officials who looted and indebted" the country.

Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner on Wednesday drew her own balance of the first year of the Alberto Fernández presidency on the eve of its anniversary, concentrating her fire on the judicial branch, especially the Supreme Court, whom she accused of "lawfare" and "guaranteeing the impunity of Mauricio Macri administration officials, who looted and indebted our country while spying on and jailing opponents."

"Absolutely nothing" remained of the Supreme Court as reformed by her late husband, former president Néstor Kirchner, in 2004, she alleged, even if three of the current five justices date back to then (she was only inclined to exempt Juan Carlos Maqueda from her criticisms), expressing anger over the top tribunal’s decision to uphold the conviction of her former vice-president Amado Boudou for the illegal acquisition of the Ciccone money-printing company.

She further attacked the Supreme Court for “joyfully consenting to the biggest debt of which this planet has memory with the International Monetary Fund.”

The former president also attacked the judiciary in general as the one branch of government "which never has to face an election," dismissing it as “a handful of officials appointed for life who tolerated or protected the permanent violation of the Constitution … without having to explain anything to anybody or submit to any control."  

"That media-judicial combination to persecute and jail opponents unfolded in our country with full intensity from the arrival of Mauricio Macri to the presidency and, what is worse, it still continues," she declaimed.

The next day Patricia Bullrich, the former security minister who now chairs Macri’s PRO centre-right party, commented: "The project of Cristina Kirchner is to control justice for her own impunity, she does not care a toss for the rest of the country," accusing her of attaching greater priority to dismantling the cases against her than to tackling the recent crime wave (such as this week’s Retiro murder committed by an underage robber). 

"The letter of Cristina makes her outlook on democracy quite clear. A country cannot be governed this way, by somebody obsessed with nixing the cases arising out of her 12 years in government," maintained the ex-minister.

Bullrich also delivered a more general verdict on Peronism: "It has become transformed into a corporatist party whose vested interests are more important than the defence of society, generating a situation of extreme political change. They passed from (Carlos) Menem to (Néstor) Kirchner, from (Eduardo) Duhalde to Cristina, with totally different policies, doing and undoing, which set the country enormously back. In the midst of all this the republican presidencies always found it difficult to govern."



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