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Elisa Carrió: ‘Macri is playing for Milei and the destruction of Juntos por el Cambio’

Coalición Cívica founder aims fire at former president, accusing Mauricio Macri of “eroding Horacio [Rodríguez Larreta] and betraying Patricia [Bullrich].”

Coalición Cívica (CC) founder Elisa Carrió says she holds former ally ex-president Mauricio Macri responsible for the potential break-up of the opposition Juntos por el Cambio coalition in the build-up to next month’s run-off.

In a series of explosive comments, the often controversial politician accused Macri of “playing for [libertarian lawmaker Javier] Milei” and said that, given the current tensions in the opposition alliance, “Kirchnerism has already won.”

"Macri always played for Milei and for the destruction of Juntos por el Cambio," declared the CC leader this week, remarking: "That’s the historic truth, he’s the one breaking everything up."

Carrió explained that the relationship between both leaders has been broken since a mid-2022 meeting.

"Nobody understood me when I said: 'I’m not talking any more to Macri.' When I was with him, since I know him well, I realised from his face his dark side. I had this meeting with him and Patricia, and I told him: 'I’m not a pack of cards in your game of Bridge.' And I told [Buenos Aires Province deputy] Maricel Etcheocin [Moro]: 'What Macri is going to do is to erode Horacio, betray Patricia and run off with Milei' – that was all predictable enough for me."

The Coalición Cívica founder, 66, assured that Macri’s "dark side got the better of him," explaining: "Ex-presidents don’t want anybody to win. I know them, he says: 'If I don’t win, then nobody does, I’d prefer Milei.' That’s where he wants to be."

She said the debate over whether to back Milei in the run-off would gift the election to the ruling coalition.

"Kirchnerism has already won because [Juntos por el Cambio] got their strategy wrong," singling out Macri once again for "fighting with [Diego] Santilli and not making him the [Buenos Aires Province] gubernatorial candidate."

"The person who has long been breaking up and destroying Juntos por el Cambio is Macri," she insisted.

Regarding Patricia Bullrich’s announcement confirming that she will back the libertarian candidate in the run-off against Sergio Massa, she said: "The poor woman will be committing a historic error."

Indeed while the former security minister was speaking, the CC published a message via the X (ex-Twitter) social media platform insisting: "No to Milei and no to Massa. The only things which exist are spring, God and the meaning of life. Faith in adversity, the men and women pass by, the cause continues."

"Some of PRO shares our stance which we will surely always maintain and the Radicals will find it impossible to act for one or the other because that would violate their fundamental republican principles so what PRO does is of no interest to me," she expressed, regarding the possible breakup of the coalition.

One again Carrió ratified her party’s stance of not backing either candidate in the run-off, reiterating: "We will not submit to any extortion, even in the name of the people, and nor will we take a leap in the dark. Neither will we go with Massa, whom I’ve been accusing of corruption and drug-trafficking for years."

"The republican cause remains, we must impugn the vote with those who want to vote being held responsible because they are sustaining the process. We’re not budging and we won’t be extorted, you’ll see, society will have second thoughts and say sorry next year," she concluded.



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