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ARGENTINA | 22-08-2023 15:22

Massa pitches 'national unity' cabinet if elected, with Radicals and PRO Peronists

Sergio Massa opens his arms to moderates. Ruling coalition's presidential candidate also claims Schiaretti's bloc could join part of his hypothetical government. Unión por la Patria leader targets voters who backed Horacio Rodríguez Larreta last time out.

Sergio Massa has announced that if he gets to rule the country he will put together “a cabinet with Radicals and Peronists who today are with PRO."

“I would seek a government with national unity,” declared the ruling coalition's presidential hopeful, who was the second most-voted-for candidate in the PASO primaries.

Massa, whose party overall finished third when all presidential ballots are tallied by alliance, also revealed he is targeting opposition voters who backed Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta last time out. 

I “would like to see many of those on Horacio’s lists for Juntos por el Cambio in the voting booth on October 22," said Massa in an interview with Clarín.

"There are 17 million votes at stake between those who did not vote and those who voted for other forces. There is a significant number of blank votes. There are about 13 million votes of people who did not go to the polls, so there is much work to be done,” Massa underlined in an interview to Clarín

“Firstly, I have the challenge to invite all those who voted for [social leader and primary rival Juan] Grabois to share the dream. Then all those who voted for [Buenos Aires City Mayor Rodríguez] Larreta and clearly do not share the 'all or nothing notion' suggested by [PRO leader] Bullrich. And after that, to try to sway those who voted for us in 2019 and for me in 2015 and were angry or disappointed in this election and chose Milei," Massa said, discussing his tactics for the second stage of the presidential campaign.

In this respect, he assured that “there are many Peronists who at some point became disenchanted and also many Radicals who defend state schools, free university, upward social mobility in Argentina, who want nothing to do with Bullrich, and are more partial to me, identifying with the origin of the Frente Renovador."

“They took a candidate who, instead of speaking to everyone, spoke only to hardliners. That is why former president Macri is more inclined to trying to play with and fetichise his new toy Milei," continued Massa, referring to the opposition Juntos por el Cambio coalition.

According to the minister, “the most serious thing is Macri’s messing around with Milei." Massa branded it "disrespectful to Horacio’s voters and Radicals."

The presidential hopeful continued: “Macri has decided to destroy Juntos por el Cambio and push everyone towards Milei, a lack of respect by him to Patricia: the idea of gently pushing and putting people to work for Milei voters."





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