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ARGENTINA | 19-08-2023 17:08

Javier Milei wants to appoint Mauricio Macri as Argentina’s overseas ambassador

Relations between libertarian outsider and former president grow closer; Milei says he would consider appointing Macri as “plenipotentiary ambassador” if he wins October election.

Presidential candidate Javier Milei has revealed that he would like to appoint former head of state Mauricio Macri as a special “plenipotentiary ambassador” to represent Argentina abroad if elected in October.

Milei, 52, revealed earlier this week that Macri had called him in the wake of his triumph in last weekend’s PASO primary election to congratulate him. In an interview with Radio Mitre, the libertarian revealed what they had discussed and hinted their relationship was growing closer.

"We spoke with Macri about various issues. I was very pleasantly surprised that he not only asked me questions about the economy but also showed a human side, which I did not expect given the kind of relationship we have," said the national deputy.

Asked if he would consider adding him to his Cabinet, should he win election in October, Milei replied: "I think he would have an outstanding role as a representative of Argentina.”

The outspoken economist said that would have to create the role for the former president, a key leader of the Juntos por el Cambio coalition. 

Pushed to expand, Milei said that any such appointment would have to be as “a figure above the Foreign Ministry and others, but as a representative of the country.”

"A plenipotentiary ambassador, something like that,” he continued. “I don't know how to define it. The figure would have to be created. But I think he is someone who can represent the country in the world and open up, let's say, markets.”

There has been no indication from Macri’s camp as to whether he would consider or accept the offer. 

The remarks are likely to exacerbate tensions between Milei’s La Libertad Avanza and Macri’s opposition alliance, which are already running high.

Earlier on Saturday, it emerged that Coalición Cívica leader Elisa Carrió, an influential leader in the opposition coalition, would no longer be standing as Juntos por el Cambio candidate for Parlasur deputy.

Sources close to Carrió said that her decision was taken as a result of health complications and Macri's rapprochement with Milei. 

"She is not going to go down that road," the source told Perfil.

Carrió has previously expressed concerns over the growth of support for Milei, at one point comparing him to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

"As president he could be Hitler or worse, because he has no emotional balance or temperance," she warned. "This guy knows a lot about economics but nothing else. When society gets angry, it gets sick; and when it gets sick, it votes for sick people, it votes for psychopaths. German Jews voted for Hitler and ended up in Auschwitz."



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