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ARGENTINA | 24-10-2023 16:20

‘Croat’ Ivo Rojnica arrested by police in Nordelta

Ivo Rojnica, allegd boss of Nimbus Group parallel exchange house, arrested in the middle of 23 raids ordered by federal judge. Businessman Federico Pulenta and another financier also apprehended. The case is for money-laundering linked to alleged drug-dealing.

“Croat” Ivo Rojnica was arrested on Tuesday at a home in Nordelta within a case investigating money-laundering linked to drug-dealing and the Sinaloa cartel.

As confirmed by court sources, the arrest took place on Tuesday, in the midst of 23 searches, 15 of which were completed in Nordelta. The remainder took place in Pilar, Benavidez and Buenos Aires City.

The case, which led to the arrest of the so-called “Croat,” involves businessman Federico Pulenta and financier Agustín Estrada Palomeque and is part of a five-year investigation initiated after a report by the FBI.

According to sources, Pulenta was arrested at the El Encuentro gated community in Benavídez, whereas the “Croat” was apprehended at the “El Golf” community in Nordelta, both in Tigre.

Estrada Palomeque was arrested at his home in Retiro, Buenos Aires.

Last week, the UIF (Unidad de Información Financiera) money-laundering watchdog had requested the arrest of the “Croat” in a case where alleged irregular manoeuvres are investigated in the handling of foreign currency. The body, the claimant in the case, also asked for the seizure and attachment of Rojnica’s assets.

The case in which the “Croat” was arrested is being heard by Lomas de Zamora Federal Judge Villena and the searches were conducted by City Police’s Organised Crime Department staff, in conjunction with the Fiscal Crime Department of the Argentine Federal Police and assisted by Customs staff.



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