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ARGENTINA | 23-10-2023 16:08

Milei willing to negotiate with 'traitors' if they 'wish to end Kirchnerism'

Libertarian lawmaker Javier Milei discusses his potential path to Presidency in first post-election radio interview speaks and suggests ruling coalition has reached its electoral ceiling.

La Libertad Avanza presidential candidate Javier Milei on Monday hailed his party's performance in the general election and called on all those who want to "put an end to Kirchnerism" to support him in the November 19 run-off.

Milei, speaking after results showed him trailing ruling coalition candidate Sergio Massa by 29.98 percent to 36,68 percent, said Argentina's opposition needed to unite in order to ensure Peronist forces didn't emerge triumphant.

“We have what it takes to put an end to Kirchnerism, which reached its ceiling yesterday. As for the run-off, we’re finding our floor and we have much room to grow,” he predicted in a radio interview.

“Regardless of the clamour of the political battle, we’re willing to make a clean start and embrace all those willing to put an end to Kirchnerism," said Milei, who previously has distanced himself from alliances with members of the "political caste."

In the same vein, he underlined: “Our messaging has been clear and we’ll try to expand our space to put the nail on Kirchnerism’s coffin."

The libertarian deputy claimed that he had been the victim of the “harshest smear campaign in history” in recent weeks but said he is reeady to put the past in the past and “start over with a clean slate once again” with opposition figures, such as failed presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich.

“What good is it to feed into that if we’re going to leave Kirchnerism in power; I myself am willing to turn the page and fight Kirchnerism,” he remarked.

“The rest may not be willing to join this situation, but if they don’t we’ll have Kirchnerism for four more years,” he stated, expressing his support for Jorge Macri over Leandro Santoro in next month's Buenos Aires City mayoral run-off.

In another section of the interview, Milei revealed that he “had laid” the groundwork for a stronger relationship with the opposition Juntos por el Cambio coalition and dismissed any criticism to their leader and founder Mauricio Macri.

Milei argued that Massa has "hit his ceiling" and said a libertarian victory in November is the "only vehicle that can put an end to Kirchnerism."

He also stated that Unión por la Patria had obtained only a pyrrhic victory after “burning their bridges” thanks to “a new 'plan platita' with a monthly inflation rate of 12 percent, with monetary imbalance and the Central Bank,” which he said was evidence the country is on the road to hyperinflation.

“Let’s be careful, they had their first approach, but reached their ceiling. Two-thirds [of voters] said no to Kirchnerism,” he said.


No deal

Milei ruled out any dialogue with the economy minister and dismissed criticism over his ties with veteran restaurant workers' union leader Luis Barrionuevo.

“It’s not true that he [Barrionuevo] has joined us, it’s one of the many talks I have to fix the problem with the labour market. Let’s just work on ending Kirchnerism for now,” he responded to questioning.

According to Milei, the votes lost by the opposition Juntos por el Cambio coalition from the primary to Sunday night went to the ruling party. He anticipated an agreement between the Frente Renovador leader and sectors of the Unión Cívica Radical.

In declarations that are unlikely to win over swing UCR voters, the libertarian lawmaker said he was ready to negotiate with "traitors" who had voted for Massa on Sunday,.

“Massa went up and Bullrich went down, it’s clear who betrayed [whom][ there," said Milei.

The La Libertad Avanza leader also revealed that he had already spoken to former president Mauricio Macri, a move that may put some Juntos por el Cambio politicians and voters in an uncomfortable position.

“He has a lot to contribute," said Milei, tackling the Macri issue head on.

“One thing we talked about with Macri was that he acknowledged that I was open enough to offer a primary [election] and the winner would rule and anyone willing would accompany. We settled it roughly, but the enemy is Kirchnerism, populism,” ratified the libertarian.

Milei said that he would back down from the race for the Casa Rosada.

“I’m willing to fight until the last minute," he declared.



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