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ARGENTINA | 20-03-2020 14:19

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner returns to Argentina with daughter Florencia

Vice-president, who flew to Cuba to visit her daughter as the coronavirus outbreak hit, says the two of them will enter into isolation upon return to Buenos Aires.

With the nation on lockdown in a bit to halt the coronavirus pandemic, Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner revealed Friday that she is returning to Buenos Aires with her daughter, Florenica.

The two of them will go into quarantine for a minimum of 14 days after returning to Argentina, the former president added.

Fernandez de Kirchner announced March 20 that she would be returning home with Florencia, who has been undergoing medical treatment in Havana for close to a year.

Hours after President Alberto Fernández informed the nation of a “preventative and obligatory social isolation” to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, his second-in-command revealed that she would return with her daughter and comply with Argentina’s 14-day self-isolation period for those entering the country. 

“I know it’s a no-brainer to say it but you know … sometimes you have to clarify even the obvious,” she said, indicating her daughter would also go into isolation.

The former president said Florencia had asked for her help.

“She, along with her doctors, managed to restore her health and have been working for some time on getting her home. But, you know, nothing is that simple. That is why Flor asked me to come and help  her… She felt that alone she wouldn’t be able to.” wrote the vice-president on Twitter, explaining why she had travelled to Cuba.

She continued: “Something so human, and perhaps because of that, so incomprehensible for the predators of hearts and souls who, throughout this week, speculated through the media, on the reason for this trip, the tenth one this year.” 

In a Twitter thread, Fernández de Kirchner thanked the island nation: “I am thinking of how much time I’ve spent in Havana this past year: almost one hundred days. And I feel that even if I had a hundred lives, they would not be enough to express my gratitude to Cuba’s solidarity, punished by the powerful but dignified and proud."

“That Cuba, with doctors who exercise their vocation with commitment and a deeply humanistic approach, and who with a precise diagnosis were able to, for the first time, provide Flor with the tools that those who have lost their health need.”

She added: “That is the Cuba that was with me at a very difficult time in my life, that offered her hand to my daughter without speculation and that cared for and protected her when the fierce media and judicial persecution severely damaged her health.”

The 67-year-old flew off to Havana on Monday after receiving authorisation from Federal Oral Court No. 2, which is responsible for a corruption trial in which she is charged with diverting public funds.  The court's authorities granted the vice-president permission to stay in Cuba until this Sunday, March 22..

On Monday, the courts postponed the latest hearing in a trial involving the former president for a week as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fernández de Kirchner faces a number of corruption trials, with two of them listing her children, Máximo and Florencia, as defendants. In the so-called 'Hotesur case,' the family members face money-laundering allegations. The investigation is exploring an alleged corruption ring focused on a public works graft and the fraudulent rental of hotels rooms involving Kirchnerite-linked businessman Lázaro Báez. 

Florencia has been in Havana for close to a year and the former president alleges her health problems are a consequence of the "political persecution" she had faced.

In recent weeks, the filmmaker also become more active on social media in recent weeks. On October 19, 2019 she shared an image of her diary, and seemed to be showing improvement in her mood. Today, March 20th, when the mandatory quarantine begins throughout the country, and she returns to Argentina.



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