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ARGENTINA | 25-03-2020 18:05

Virus death toll rises to eight, after deaths in CABA, Resistencia

Argentina suffers its worth statistical day of the coronavirus pandemic to date, recording two new deaths and a record-high 117 confirmed cases in 24 hours. Officials are awaiting the results of tests on a ninth potential death.

Argentina suffered its worst statistical day of the coronavirus pandemic to date on Wednesday, as health officials reported the deaths of two individuals and a record-high 117 new confirmed cases.

Two women, aged 77 and 81, from Chaco and Buenos Aires City respectively, were recorded as deaths from Covid-19 in an official statement Tuesday evening. Local media indicated that there was likely a ninth death too, with officials awaiting the results of tests on a woman in Chaco Province.

In a statement saying that some previously reported cases had been reclassified, the Health Ministry said 502 people in Argentina in total who are confirmed as having been infected with the virus.

Officials said 30 of the new cases were in the Buenos Aires Province, with 21 falling within the federal capital, Buenos Aires City. An additional 22 were recorded in Santa Fe Province, while 15 were registered in Córdoba Province. Five are in Santa Cruz Province, with four in San Luis, three in Entre Ríos, two in Tucumán and single cases recorded in Neuquén, Tierra del Fuego and Mendoza.


Officials recorded two new fatalities and one suspected fatality from the novel coronavirus on Wednesday, after deaths were registered in Buenos Aires City and Resistencia, Chaco Province.

An 81-year-old woman, whose infection from Covid-19 was confirmed Tuesday, died after being hospitalised at the Sanatorio Otamendi private hospital in Recoleta.

She had been in close contact with an 82-year-old man, who recently travelled to the United States, officials said. He has been hospitalised for the coronavirus in the Sanatorio Agote hospital since March 15. 

Meanwhile, a 77-year-old woman with a history of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure died Wednesday in the Chaco Province. 

According to official reports, she died at a clinic in the provincial capital of Resistencia. She had been hospitalised since March 19 and was on a respirator, officials at Chaco's Health Ministry told local outlets. The victim had been in contact with another individual who had tested positive for Covid-19.

Local media also reported that a 59-year-old man had also died in Resistencia, with officials believing he too had been infected.

The man, who was named on social media accounts as Rubén Bercovich, had returned from a trip to the United States 15 days ago, various outlets reported. The deceased's test results are still pending at the time of writing. 

Bercovich, according to various local outlets, was a businessman and the owner of the Bercomat branch of construction material supply stores , formerly known as Chamaco, that has branches throughout the region. 

Relatives of Bercovich confirmed that he suffered from throat cancer and had been undergoing treatment for several months prior to his passing.

If confirmed, the third death would make it Argentina's worst day of the outbreak to date. On Tuesday, a 71-year-old man in Mar del Plata and a 53-year old from Chaco were confirmed as new deaths from the coronavirus.



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