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ARGENTINA | 24-03-2020 16:24

28 year-old arrested in Buenos Aires for ‘hunting Pokémons’

Young man arrested by City police in Monserrat after being found wandering streets playing popular mobile phone game.

Downtown Buenos Aires. Practically empty. However, the City Police have detected someone on the streets who shouldn't be there.

He's a 28 year-old young man of Chinese origin named Wenjie Xue. And, at Piedrasa 749, in the barrio of Monserrat, he's playing Pokémon Go.

The perculiar situation led immediately to Xue's arrest. His case has been assigned to Federal Court N.9, overseen by Judge Luis Rodriguez.

The episode occurred at 10:55am, Tuesday, March 24. The 28-year-old's behaviour – "hunting Pokémons" – had aroused the suspicions of the security forces.

According to the police, when they stopped him, the accused could not justify his presence in that place at that time. One of the officers of the City police force observed that on his mobile phone screen was the application was running, in the middle of a game.

For this reason, Xue was arrested for violating the decree of necessity and urgency issued by President Alberto Fernández last week, ordering everyone into mandatory self-isolation until March 31 in a bid to halt the coronavirus pandemic.

The case, although unusual, is yet another ridiculous case encountered by the security forces – one 63-year-old man, who said he wanted to travel across Argentina on a motorbike was stopped in the middle of the 25 de Mayo highway last week.

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